Holiday-time in January is not only a time to celebrate and spend time with family, but it’s also an opportunity to think, reflect and reminisce about the year gone past. Take a moment to think about what the new year will bring in your garden and how you want to make it a space to reflect, spend time with family or maybe even, grow your own veggies! Here are 8 of our top gardening resolutions for 2018….

1. Be waterwise. Water thoroughly once of twice a week, rather than a daily sprinkle. Fix any possible leaks. Walk around the garden after heavy rain to see where areas with drainage problems can be improved. Conserve moisture by spreading a thick layer of mulch around plants.

2. Grow to eat! The time to plan your veggie garden has never been better or easier. You can save heaps of money by feeding the family from your very own veggie patch. All you need is a couple of square metres of soil, fertilizer and to pop ‘round to Alma for our monthly veggie specials! #greenliving

3. Top-up the much! Improve the quality of your soil by incorporating plenty of compost. All the food waste from your kitchen can go straight back into the ground to create healthy and fertile soil. Keep a separate bin for food waste and take it out regularly. This will also keep the stench out of your kitchen.

4. Garden responsibly. Use low toxic insecticides only when really necessary and always in accordance with instructions.

5. Plant a tree. There’s an old saying, “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago”. The second best time is now. If you have small children, we definitely recommend doing it now – you can see the tree grow alongside them.

6. Get fit & healthy in you garden. Studies show that 30 minutes of moderate-level physical activity a few times a week can prevent and control high blood pressure. And it’s not only good for your body, but nurturing plants in your free time is the ultimate stress-buster! Clean garden, clean soul.

7. Get creative! Use what you’ve got and change any space in and around your house what you need it to be. Perhaps the quartyard needs a pick-me-up, or the balcony can be changed into a container garden. What if supper can be served outside on the patio with a few minor changes? A family meal in sweet summer air, oh yes!

8. Spend more time outdoors and in the garden. Whether you’re busy tending plants or kicking back and relaxing, time spent in the garden brings its own joys and rewards. This year, resolve to spend a few minutes in the garden every day, pulling a few weeds or simply enjoying the beauty and wonder around you.

What are your new year’s resolutions in the garden! Tell us all about it on our Facebook page!